Sally McLean Interviews

Here you will find short clips from a video interview with The White Rosettes Musical Director, Sally McLean.  The interview was made by Clare Enston from the baritone section. Chorus members came up with the random questions and Clare posed them. We will be releasing them occasionally, here and on Facebook and Twitter – so check back often! We hope you like them.

If YOU have any special memories of The White Rosettes to share – whether as an ex-member of the chorus, a member of LABBS, an audience member, or a visiting coach – please send them along to us.  Send us a video message if you feel so inspired! We would really love to hear from you.

The Sally McLean Interviews

01 – Sally McLean – how did you get into barbershop?

02 – Sally McLean – on taking up the reins

03 – Sally McLean – reality bites

04 – Sally McLean – the temperature gauge

05 – Sally McLean – what’s changed over the last few years?

06 – Sally McLean – making song choices

07 – Sally McLean – most memorable moment

08 – Sally McLean – greatest achievement with the chorus

09 – Sally McLean – personal achievement

10 – Sally McLean – never again!

11 – Sally McLean – mentors

12 – Sally McLean – funniest moment

13 – Sally McLean – scariest moment

14 – Sally McLean – in or out front?

15 Sally McLean – work life balance