Over the years there haveĀ been many quartets from The White Rosettes, many of the quartets have competed and been placed in the top 6 quartets in the country.

Current Quartets

There are no current quartets within The White Rosettes

Past Quartets

42nd Street: LABBS 1987 Quartet Champions: Made up of Sally, Cath, Caroline and Kim

After Hours: LABBS 2006 Quartet Champions: Made up of Alison, Julie, Jo and Jane.

Autograph: Made of up Anna, Hannah, Aileen and Rae

B4Time: Made up of Sharon, Lynda, Jo and Sue

Conchords: LABBS 1980 Quartet Champions: Made up of Hazel, Paula, Dot and Cath

Connect 4: Made up of Sally, Margaret, Cath and Nicola

Crackerjack!: LABBS 1999 Quartet Champions: Made up of Annemarie, Louise, Jo and Pauline

Downtown Express: LABBS 1992 Quartet Champions: Made up of Dot, Jenny, Sally and Jane

The Jazz Firm: LABBS 2003 Quartet Champions, International Silver Medallists 2005: Made up of Uli, Alison, Sally and Jenny.

Victoria Junction: Made up of Alison, Margaret, Lynne and Florence

Vocal Velvet : Made up of Beth, Kirstie, Karen and Bek.