Over the years many quartets have developed from within The White Rosettes, and several have competed and been placed within the top 6 quartets in the country.

Current quartets with members of The White Rosettes:

Flamingo Road with Rae

From The Top with Heather

Rooftop Social Club with Molly, Sally, Jenny and Gem

SoundHouse – with chorus Musical Director, Sally McLean singing Lead – see their gold medal-winning performance at the European and National Championships in 2017 here

Wanderlust with Rae, Holly and Heather

Yorkshire Blend formed in 2022, with Christina, Holly, Heather and Cath

Past Quartets

42nd Street: LABBS 1987 Quartet Champions: Made up of Sally, Cath, Caroline and Kim

After Hours: LABBS 2006 Quartet Champions: Made up of Alison, Julie, Jo and Jane.

Autograph: Made of up Anna, Hannah, Aileen and Rae

B4Time: Made up of Sharon, Lynda, Jo and Sue

Conchords: LABBS 1980 Quartet Champions: Made up of Hazel, Paula, Dot and Cath

Connect 4: Made up of Sally, Margaret, Cath and Nicola

Crackerjack!: LABBS 1999 Quartet Champions: Made up of Annemarie, Louise, Jo and Pauline

Downtown Express: LABBS 1992 Quartet Champions: Made up of Dot, Jenny, Sally and Jane

In Cahoots : Made up of Fiona, Charlie, Margaret and Zoë

The Jazz Firm: LABBS 2003 Quartet Champions, International Silver Medallists 2005: Made up of Uli, Alison, Sally and Jenny.

Victoria Junction: Made up of Alison, Margaret, Lynne and Florence

Vocal Velvet : Made up of Beth, Kirstie, Karen and Bek

All For Love: Made up of Jane, Ruth, Jean and Olivia